Camp Is


by Joe Keefer – Pennsylvania Christian Camp, Blue Knob, PA

Asmall wisp of steam lifts from the coffee cup cradled in my hands, a promise of early morning warmth. My eyes focus on the fog lifting off the mountains as I stand

outside the lodge. As the fog lifts, appreciation settles into my heart. I am so glad to

be a part of a Christian Youth Camp. As my heart ponders how much it means, my mind

can’t help considering what camp is.

Christian. This camp is a Christian Camp, and that fact makes my involvement a noble endeavor, not a walk down a purposeless path. It is a place where Christianity is taught and displayed openly without fear of interruption or embarrassment. It is a setting not only of majestic scenery, but also of majestic values –those taught by Jesus. Here, campers will not only take nature hikes to gain mountaintop experiences, theywill also take journeys into the word of Christ to gain luminous lessons of eternal life.

Advance. Though outwardly it appears to be a retreat into the mountains, camp is really an advance for the cause of Christ. It may seem to some that we are here retreating from the assault of a hectic world, but we are actually here preparing an assault on the world for Christ. Here, Jesus is held high for everyone to see – from the young camper to the very well seasoned staff member. Later, we will leave this spiritual boost camp inspired to live aggressively for Jesus.


I Believe in Christian Camps

I Believe In Christian Camps

by Howard W. Norton, Editor, Arkansas Christian Herald

For a person who never visited a Christian camp until after he was grown and married, I am a true believer in the power of spiritual camping to revolutionize young lives. We know, of course, that God – not camp – is the real change agent that transforms youth into men and women of God. Most of us would agree, though, that we can either facilitate or hinder God’s power


A Christian Youth Camp

Camps seem to be multiplying faster than rabbits these days! You've got your Band Camps, Majorette Camps, Flagette Camps, Cheerleading Camps, and Sports Camps (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, etc). In addition, there are also Scout Camps, YMCA Camps, and 4-H Camps. There are even Academic Camps (Math, Science, Computer, Art, etc) that have begun recently. And of course, all of them are absolutely essential to your child's growth & development! (Need I mention that none of these are free?) Who's got the time, interest, energy or money left for a Church Camp? On more than one occasion, Jesus made it clear that kids were a priority with Him. He even rebuked the disciples once in Mathew 19 for keeping them away. After being personally involved with more than 30 different