A Christian Youth Camp

Camps seem to be multiplying faster than rabbits these days! You've got your Band Camps, Majorette Camps, Flagette Camps, Cheerleading Camps, and Sports Camps (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, etc). In addition, there are also Scout Camps, YMCA Camps, and 4-H Camps. There are even Academic Camps (Math, Science, Computer, Art, etc) that have begun recently. And of course, all of them are absolutely essential to your child's growth & development! (Need I mention that none of these are free?) Who's got the time, interest, energy or money left for a Church Camp? On more than one occasion, Jesus made it clear that kids were a priority with Him. He even rebuked the disciples once in Mathew 19 for keeping them away. After being personally involved with more than 30 different

camp sessions, I have come to some conclusions about this discussion.

1. A Christian Youth Camp provides an experience of fellowship that many kids from small congregations just don't get any other way. Their memory of friendships lasts a lifetime.

2. A Christian Youth Camp offers the attention of very capable teachers and role models who have been assembled for their growth. Their own congregation may not be providing that.

3. A Christian Youth Camp provides an environment that shows how Christ-like lives can be

lived in a more "normal" surrounding than a classroom or church pew.

4. A Christian Youth Camp provides the opportunity for those outside of Christ to meditate on

their relationship with God at greater length during the week than the singing of 3 verses of an invitation song.

5. A Christian Youth Camp allows kids to "celebrate" Christ and His church in a more enthusiastic style of worship than they usually experience.

6. A Christian Youth Camp frequently is twice as long, and a third of the price when compared financially to many of the other camps for sport and school. And there is no comparison to the return on your financial investment in their spiritual lives!

7. A Christian Youth Camp is a place of decision-making about the future [morals, mates, colleges & careers] where the spiritual perspective is considered.

No doubt, if we were to ask the kids who have been exposed to Christian Youth Camps, they would come up with many more observations than these regarding their value. We need to do everything in our power to help our kids know the life and love of Jesus Christ. Our Christian Youth Camps can provide that experience! Today's church, and those who will lead us in the next century, need exactly what a Christian Youth Camp can offer. Let's encourage and help them to take advantage of it!

Ed Beeson, Findlay, OH

North Western Ohio Christian Youth Camp