Get to know VVC...

The 68 acre campus is full of wonderful facilities that can be used by groups of any size.  The campus features modern amenities like air-conditioned sleeping quarters while maintaining rustic charm.  

One of our renting groups, the Lebanon Road church of Christ, created this great GoPro video tour.




Click here for a detailed map.

Bridge at the main entry of VVC. dsc 0730

This game house is complete with 2 ping pong tables.  A room on the front houses a refrigerator and mini-deep freezer for groups to offer cold snacks during the hot summer camps. A closet with sports equipment is available for all renters to use.  

dsc 0749

The craft house is a pavilion located just off the creek inside the woods where campers to go and cool down and use their creative side.  The structure can also be used for classes or any other specific needs for your group.

dsc 0757

The dining hall is a large open area where renters conduct their large group business. It is used as an eating spot, a worship sanctuary,a game room, and a large space for entertaining. Tables, chairs, and stage partitions are provided.

dsc 0774

The camp kitchen, located inside the dining hall, was completely renovated in the spring of 2013.  New appliances and utensils highlight the remodel that was a welcomed change for many of Valley Views returning visitors.  This kitchen will allow your group to cook literally anything.  A washroom with a commercial dishwashwer is adjacent to the kitchen.  dsc 0770
A picnic area outside the mess hall can be used for overflow meal seating, classroom space, meeting space or whatever your group desires.   dsc 0778
Valley View has 12 rustic cabins (6 girls, 6 boys). The cabin areas are separated to cater to the needs of each group. Each cabin has its own AC unit.   dsc 0817
Each cabin is complete with 6 bunks allowing 12 campers per cabin.  With 12 cabins, that is room for 144 campers.  A directors cabin with 8 beds and a boat house that sleeps 4 adds extra space for renters. dsc 0800

Newly renovated bathhouses provide an experience unlike most other summer camps.  There are two bathhouses on the boys side and two on the girls side.  Each bathhouse houses two toilet stalls, four shower stalls, and a double sink.   dsc 0791
Nestled right next to the stocked lake, the boat house sleeps four and has a full bathroom and kitchenette.  Just behind the boathouse stands a boat rack with multiple canoes and paddle boats. Enjoy boating and fishing all day, every day.   dsc 0831
Many campers' highlight of Valley View is our beautiful swimming pool at the top of the hill.  The large pool features a slide and spring-board offering hours of fun. A lifeguard is required to use the pool.   dsc 0840
Our facilities are constantly being improved.  Please contact us and ask for a tour if you would like to see more.    dsc 0834