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2022 Fundraising Goals

The memories made at summer camp can last a lifetime. Whether you have experienced this first hand or through the eyes of a child and the stories they have shared, you understand that camp can be a magical place. Over the past two years, camp was no exception to the negative effects of COVID. It is our hope that we are all beginning to return to some level of normalcy in our lives.

During quarantine, scheduled maintenance and major projects were put on hold due to the necessity of cancelling rentals. We are now facing the increased cost of fuel, building supplies, and utilities.

The lake is the heart of camper activities at Valley View. The lake has been leaking for many years and numerous attempts to patch it failed to give consistent results. A major re-work of the lake was postponed because of the expense. The bid to complete the work is just under $100,000. Once the lake is fully functional, our goal is to add a fountain and lights at an estimated cost of $14,000. The fountain will not only make the lake the showpiece of camp, but it will generate movement of the water and assist in aerating the pond. After completion of those projects, we want to stock the pond with several varieties of fish. Structures are already in place to add a second dock.

Another significant need for this camping season is repair of the swimming pool. It has a substantial leak, and repair will require breaking and resetting a section of concrete. In addition, it’s time to repair and resurface the pool deck. The purchase of a backup pool motor for quick replacement is also needed. The combined cost of these projects is $11,000.

Additional expenses include the purchase of a new utility vehicle ($15,000), replacement of metal roofs on four cabins ($7,000 each), scheduled replacement of toilets in the bathhouses ($2,000) and obtaining at least one water heater to have on hand for quick replacement ($600). We would like to upgrade our current security system to include additional signs, fences and gates. Cameras need to be installed at the Dining Hall and the Caretaker house, as well as along trails. The total estimate for increased security measures is $6,300. Not included in these totals is the cost of annual certifications and inspections for ZIPS, or insurance premiums (just under $25,000).

If you do the math, you will understand the cost of our operating expenses. This summary of maintenance projects is not a wish list; it is a list of tools that will allow us to continue being a memory making experience. Will you join our memory making team?

If you are unable to join us for dinner and an auction on April 30, please consider making a donation by clicking the “Donate Now” button on our website, Donations can also be mailed to
P. O. Box 402, Madison 37116.


Lin Sherrill
Valley View Camp Board of Directors

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